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Shake The Life
50 Cent

Shake The Life

[into- 50 Cent]
Look only to this face
Remember this
50 and Banks by shake the life (wooo)

[verse1- 50 Cent]
Yeah man you know who's still in control
Don't tell me who can go (I know)
Turning in beach for look bitches
Yeah nigga see me tomorrow in Bahamas, I'm rich
After the Coca Cola I was even rich
Don't miss time man, a orgy in Jamaica tonight
Not do I sign out with any one, bitch VIP right?
Like 'Are you flexible?' and 'How do you like it?'
You already know me, I'm gangsta, we're the G-Unit!
That Lamborghini, and that shiny black Bentley
You don't know my new style
You have not seen my smile
And us? Where we now? (haha)
Yeah girl, knows of my style on sex
I'm strong n' have great skill and who's next
Listen to the screams of the bitch
A torn off of my Ferrari that shit

[chorus- 50 Cent]
From New York to Hollywood
Under the hood this's so good
Look for my gun, before its childhood
50 Cent & G-Unit is a brotherhood

[verse2- 50 Cent]
This crew is crazy for a shooting
Don't throw stones on my roof
Look at the roof of my mansion, look its Booth
I have a dollar in my pocket my friends
Look for that Cadilac and see my Mercedes Benz
The diamonds are those in my neck
Those drawings on the walls made with jet
There can drill my car and my bulletproof vest (haaa)
50 this is new style
50 appears with a smile
50 only paid the control
50 you know, you also know
50 will still gangsta in club
50 not forget your love

[chorus- 50 Cent]
From New York to Hollywood
Under the hood this's so good
Look for my gun, before its childhood
50 Cent & G-Unit is a brotherhood

[verse3- Lloyd Banks]
50 once told me that we're the top
He said that we raise the block
When we proved that the LA
Love the girls a hundred times a day (hey)
We're not false, we're hot
We're at the top, throwing with a glock
See this street, look our magic box
Look at these things nigga
Not fucks nigga, they already know the nigga (what?)
I don't know who is Joe, I know who is Pac
I don't know that color is Joe, I'm black
After my smile I know who pretends
I hope not to have to talk with this motherfucker again

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