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Puppy Love
50 Cent

Call It Puppy Love Curtis and Tisha in the tree
K-I-S-S-I-N-G >
She was pregenant by me once glad she didn't have it
Cause I be paying child support now god damn it
Tish was my bitch, til she fucked my god brother
I was heated when I heard, wanted to go upside his head
It was christmas I just bought the bitch a sheepskin kid
I was sick to my stomach nigga this is real shit
I aint the sensitive type, I aint sit around crying
I caught the bitch on the avenue and punched her in the eye
Call it puppy love curtis and Janelle in the tree
D's came locked my ass up like a savage
then came Doobie in the baby carriage
Imagine how it felt summerday pretty blue skies
I gazed mesmorizied at her in with green eyes
Im so into you baby we don't even got touch >
That the type shit I say when I really want to fuck >
Cause her cousin Tisha lived by baby ????????? forty >
sold crack before rap so everbody know me >
Chase Jus down cut his head the motherfucker owe me >
Vick's spinning, Cheek's was the hottest rapper in the hood >
I ain't hate, but on the low I didn't think he was good >
We wore timberland boots, carhartt suits >
You can tell a nigga paid, when his filas shoes suede >
ock a ceaser or a fade kept a pistol or a blade >
Try to flip a 62 like every couple days >
I get knocked I come home its all a part of the game >
Catch a snitch, cut a snitch or put one in his frame >
Its like every other summer I was back and forth to jail >
Telling nanna Im copping out, so i don't need bail >
Just the convesary put the money orders in the mail >
Call it puppy love curtis and Deawn in the tree >
K-i-s-s-i-n-g >
call it puppy love >
call it puppy love >
She came to see me on the alley, wrote me letters all the time >
And i responded to the letters so she stayed on my mind >
Told myself Ima grind >
as soon as I get out that paper what im about >
After 4 months home I had the Lan I shine >
2 months later I copped the benz my nine >
stay all cocked even when it hot, TAZ out >
TNT on the block, make yourself get knocked >
I just love em and leave em, I don't give a fuck >
I mean she didn't give a fuck, she had a nigga in my truck >
Call it puppy love curtis and Shaniqua in the tree >
K-I-S-S-I-N-G >

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